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The Systematic Evaluation of Alogliptin’s (Nesina) Cost-Effectiveness in Treating Type 2 Diabetes


Assume that your group is a P&T committee of a health plan and you are a member on the committee. There is a new drug that would like to get onto your health plan’s formulary. Please conduct a systematic review including all the pharmacoeconomic literature on the drug and make a recommendation whether or not the drug should be included on your health plan’s formulary based on the results of the systematic review you conducted. No more than 10 pages double-spaced excluding figure 1 and table 1.

1. You will use the paper “The Systematic Evaluation of Alogliptin’s (Nesina) Cost-Effectiveness in Treating Type 2 Diabetes” -This will be attached as a word document.
1. You will create Results, Discussion, Conclusion and Table 1 based on the attached paper.
-SEE “INSTRUCTIONS” document for the Complete Instructions and for the Manuscript and Table 1 template. I highlighted the most important things in red.

2. Please see “Sample Article” document on how to make Table1. This will be attached as a word document.

Table 1. Summary of Studies Included in the Review (see Table 1 in sample article “Cost-Effectiveness of Interventions to Prevent and Control Diabetes Mellitus: A Systematic Review”)
3.Please Explain…what is the meaning of ” sensitivity and the specificity ” on the first line of the second paragraph under “Methods” section on the paper(attached).- I highlighted in red color.
4. I need the copy of the articles that you mentioned in the paragraph. – “free-full texts, articles that were submitted within the last (5) five years”. -You will find it on the first paragraph under “Methods” section.
I highlighted in red on the paper.

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