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 Literary Analysis Research Project Literary Analysis Research Project (200 Points) ENGL 2010 LITERATURE: FICTION Requirements: Must be 1500-1700 words in length (not including header and works cited page–Essay only; please include a word count at the end of your paper); Must be in MLA format; Must be argumentative/analytical; Must have at least three academic sources excluding the textbook; Must incorporate a minimum of five in-text citations; Only one citation may be a block quote; and Formal essays should not contain contractions, and all of your essays for this course should not use first person (I, me, you, etc.) or second person (you). They should all be written in third person. Must be submitted to the Dropbox in D2L no later than 11:59 pm on the due date. No late research papers are accepted. No late research papers are accepted. No late research papers are accepted. No late research papers are accepted. No late research papers are accepted. You must use sources from NSCC subscription databases or other scholarly sites. Internet sources may or may not be reliable, and they may or may not have sufficient information for you to use on the Works Cited page. Please email me to get your sources approved, if they are not pulled from a NSCC database. Use of sites such as,, and Wikipedia are not acceptable. If you use a dictionary, you must still use three scholarly sources in your paper. The type of sources you’ll be looking for for this essay are literary analysis sources. This means that the article will analyze some piece of the story, or perhaps even the author and his/her style of writing. For example, if you choose to write that character conveys the theme in the story, you’ll look for sources that address character in the story or sources that address themes in the story. Work with the Librarian included in our course shell for assistance. You can also chat with a librarian on the library home page: To access NSCC databases, go to the Mayfield Library Research and Subject Guides ( click on “Literature” under the Humanities/Social Sciences heading. Topic: “The Things They Carried” by Tim O’Brien Choose an Element of Literature (plot, character, style, etc.) and write a paper about how that specific element conveys what you claim the theme of the story is. You must use a story we have read this semester. Randomly chosen stories and novels are not acceptable. An example thesis for this kind of essay would be: The characters of Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort, as foils and also mirror images of each other, work to convey a theme of the importance of choices in a world filled with good and evil. This thesis tells me what you’ll be arguing. You’ll be analyzing Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort in terms of their character (dynamic/static, flat/round, etc.) and their relation to each other (foils and mirror images) in order to show that their characters convey a specific theme (the importance of choices in a world filled with good and evil). This means that every body paragraph should address character and how that aspect of the character conveys the specific theme.

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