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 The United States should mandate a minimum age for cosmetic surgery

Attention Getter Type: Have you ever wanted something really bad? A new dress, a new purse or perhaps a new pair of breasts?  


Goal/Purpose: Teenagers going under the knife is a serious topic, because they might not be mentally or emotionally prepared for it and it involves unnecessary risks that can affect ones health.




Thesis Statement: Mass media and narcissism are provoking teens to go under plastic surgery. The purpose of this speech is to persuade the audience to deliberate on a minimum age for cosmetic surgery, because it requires of a high level of maturity and good judgment, safety and has an unreasonable cost.





  1. Maturity and Judgment


  • It’s a life changing decision; teens should be physically and emotionally ready for the operation.

            Transition: Secondly

II. Safety




  • Risk of surgery, post operatory activities, and recovery time.

            Transition: Next

    III. Cost

  • Ø A high cost between $3,000 – $7,000

            Transition: To conclude


Conclusion Type:         As you can easily see, cosmetic surgeries are an important topic to think about in today’s society, because is becoming popular among young adults.


  • Plastic surgeries have really high costs, demand for a particular level of maturity and safety.
  • Plastic surgery is rapidly becoming trendy among underage girls and this has to be changed.




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