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As per the syllabus, your research paper must be a minimum of 5 pages and a maximum of 6, plus a title page and bibliography. You must employ at least five published scholarly sources. You may not use any websites as sources for this research paper. (N.B., this does not include e- books, which are books. You may not use any form of encyclopedia, such as Wikipedia, Encarta or the Encyclopedia Britannica, as a source, although you are welcome to consult them in the initial phase of your research to familiarize yourself with your topic. You must provide citations according to Turabian style (see below) for all information that you use in your essay. The introduction of your essay should contain a strong thesis statement about your topic. In other words, you should express an opinion about your topic and its significance in world history in your introductory paragraph. Among the major world historical themes that we are examining in HIST 151 this semester are migrations, empires, the establishment of major cultural or civilizational traditions and world religious and philosophical traditions, as well as cross-cultural encounters in world history. How you chose to situate your own research topic within one or more of these themes is up to you, but to be successful you should argue a clearly stated position, and support your argument with well-chosen and properly cited evidence. The body of your research paper should be organized into paragraphs that support, explain, illustrate, demonstrate, emphasize, clarify, or otherwise explicate the thesis statement/opinion you express in your introduction. These paragraphs should be logically organized and connected to each other so that your essay flows smoothly, forming a clear and easy to follow argument. Each paragraph should be at minimum three sentences long. Your research paper should finish with a concluding paragraph that draws together the strands of evidence that you have arranged in support of your thesis statement. For some people this is the hardest paragraph to write well. It should summarize and reiterate the main points of the essay, while underscoring the significance of the topic and argument made.

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