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Theory for Practice Reflection

Order Description
Choose one key concept from module 3, weeks 9-12 (risk, emotional labour, cultural
safety, or identity).Brief: This written assignment is intended as a reflective practice statement that you
might be required to provide in a workplace situation. Imagine you are applying for a job
in a health related profession. The essential criteria for the job include appropriate
knowledge of, and commitment to, improving the wellbeing of both staff and clients and
experience of reflective practice. Your job application requires you to describe a key
concept that you have learnt about and that will impact your practice. You will need to
explain the concept and how it relates to the future role, then reflect on how you
collaborated with peers to develop group understanding of the concept.
Scope: The reflection should include the following aspects:
1. Description
• Briefly describe one key concept relating to health professional practice from
weeks 9-12 (eg, risk, emotional labour, cultural safety, identity).
• Describe how your Reading Group worked together to develop a shared
understanding of the concept.
2. Interpretation
• Reflect on your understanding of the concept, and how you might explain to your
peers its value for health professionals.
• Reflect on the process of engaging in the Reading Group – explain the most
challenging, interesting and positive aspects of the process.
3. Outcome
• How has your knowledge of health and attitude towards professional practice
• Explain how you think the chosen concept will influence your future professional
• Mention here what steps you would like (or need) to take to further develop your
knowledge and commitment to improving the wellbeing of both future colleagues
and clients.

Description (approximately 150wds)
Interpretation (approximately 175wds)
Outcome (approximately 175wds)
Reference list
This assignment does not need to include academic re
ferencing throughout. However the
‘Description’ section should include one or two references in relation to the concept, and
reference to the Group readings covered that week.

All words in these 3 sections are counted
in the word count, including in text citations
500 wds +/-10%

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