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These are two different questions and should be answered separately with a minimum of 200 words each, and each must include 1 intext cite. Please use reading attached to answer questions.

Question 1

Please see transcript of session document in the presentation section for module 4.

This week I would like everyone to work on the skills that we I discussed in the lecture. I attached a transcript of a session that I completed with a 15-year-old adolescent that I diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. I want everyone to read through the transcript and identify one example of each skill below. Please cut and paste the exchange between therapist and client that exemplifies each of these skills:

  • Discovery Oriented Questions
  • Direct/Closed Questions
  • Open Ended Questions
  • Empathic Communication

Please choose different examples than your peers. Also, explain the skill and how the exchange you chose exemplifies it.

One of the important pieces here is self-disclosure. I did not do that in this session and don’t do it in most. But an example of self-disclosure that could have been beneficial for the client in this session is at T49 I could have mentioned that I take medications every day or my high cholesterol. In that way, I would be serving as an example of someone who takes their meds every day. This adolescent didn’t have any problems taking meds so it wasn’t an issue. If it was then I likely would have shared this.

In order to understand the session, I will give you a bit of background. This took place while I was training in a Juvenile Corrections Facility on the sex offender unit. This adolescent male was adjudicated for a sex crime and served his time. He was treated in group for the sex offense and I met with him for individual sessions. This session was very soon before his release from the facility. I treated him with CBT, specifically I used the 12-session protocol from Basco and Rush (2007). This session has a lot of good examples of CBT work. I don’t usually conduct therapy in such a structured way, but I did so here.

Question 2

This week the video we watched focused on basic intervention skills. What questions do you have about using these skills? Please discuss the examples in the video and other do’s and don’ts that they displayed.

The transcript for the video is attached as the second attachment.

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