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This exercise is designed to provide the student with basic knowledge about their personality type.

Below are links to free personality inventories.


Review the following 2  videos on Personality Inventories as an additional resource.  One is an actual inventory.

watch VideoPersonality Test: What Do You See?Duration: (6:38)
User: n/a –    Added: 10/16/14YouTube URL: VideoThe Coolest Personality Inventory Ever — The Essential EnneagramDuration: (2:44)
User: n/a –    Added: 11/1/13YouTube URL:

Follow the instructions indicated below for completing the assignment:

  • Choose and complete ONLY one Personality Inventory on yourself;
  • Write a complete summary of your findings based on the categories indicated in the inventory and ATTACH it to this Assignment box.
  • Indicate whether you agreed or disagreed with the findings and state why.
  • State if any of the personality traits discussed in the article correspond to your inventory analysis.
  • Post your summary on the graded Discussion Board to share your findings and respond to at least 3 other virtual classmates.
  • The Discussion Board has a different closing date. This means that students are to post their personality inventory following their submission to this assignment box.

Please remember to cite your sources.

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