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The course project assignment for this module is to provide a title and outline for your paper. Your title and outline may change as your course project progresses in the modules to come, but this is a good way to start thinking about the larger scope of your project. Please include an introduction and a general outline of topics that you will be discussing in your paper.

There are 3 case studies we had to choose and this is what the outline must answer for each case.

  • Write a 5-7 page paper referencing the case studies you have selected (3), the resources gathered, applying the principles you learn in this course.
  • Provide an overview of each case study you selected.
  • Identify which form of provider-patient communication approach is being used in each case.
  • Be sure to document each patient’s views of their current medical condition and any other information you are able to obtain from the case study interviews.
  • Identify Allopathic Medicine treatment options appropriate for each patient. Give a detailed description of each treatment option.
  • Identify possible Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) treatments available. Give a detailed description of any CAM treatments available.
  • Include barriers that might influence the provider and what is offered as a treatment option including provider communication approach, among others.
  • Identify barriers that would prevent the patient from choosing either Allopathic or CAM treatments. These could include patients’ personal, social, spiritual, financial, or support barriers.
  • Discuss what your role may be with Patient Advocacy and identify the value in Therapeutic Communication with the patient.
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