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Identifying Populations and Health Behaviours:

-To identify specific populations, their health behaviours and underlying psycho-social, medical, and political

-Subject objectives: ( important , the paper should related to these):

1- Discuss the scientific, social, cultural and economic bases of health promotion, as well as the political and ethical issues that affect health promotion activities.

2-Critically assess research evidence and policy priorities as they pertain to quality health promotion.

3-Analyse and synthesise appropriate strategies and approaches for developing and evaluating individual, community and media levels of health promotion

-Are effective, collaborative and responsive health professionals and potential leaders in a particular health field.

-Communicate effectively and appropriately in challenging, complex and diverse situations.

-Embody the international standard of professional qualities appropriate to the scope of their role in regional, national and global health.

Task: Identify a population and health behaviour warranting change. Examine and discuss the underlying reasons for the health behaviour.

1000 words. ( 13 references within 5 years)

( I have in detalis the task in document and Criteria )

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