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Description INTRODUCTION Workplace raids. The separation of families at the border. The end of temporary protected status. Background Information The Trump administration has made vast changes to immigration policy since 2017, dramatically altering the landscape of enforcement priorities both on the border and in the nation’s interior. The changes have touched people of all ages, some just arriving in the United States, others who have lived here for most of their lives. Despite some reasonable components of the original immigration policies, Trump’s added aspects are narrow-minded and prejudiced. BODY Trump’s immigration policy is more rooted in white supremacy than to help and better the nation. Population changes Quotas are illogical Whites being majority Statistics of US population (Somin) Visa Programs Diversity Visa Program Family-based Visa Program What this could mean for families Quotes from families affected (Stein and Van Dam) Stats on who is affected (Stein and Ban Dam) Dreamers DACA Exchange for skilled Statistics on the amount (Milligan) Travel bands Refugees By reducing the amount of diversity brought in by immigration you are also reducing the country’s overall population, meaning the plan would eventually reduce the overall growth rate of the American economy. 3. BODY Economic costs could suffer exponentially if the immigration policy were to go through. The Wall Properties on the border How much the wall could potentially cost What it would mean for our future Deportation Mentioning how it not only affects americans but the world Taxes Employment Median age Welfare The economic costs that come with these new immigration policies could very well do more harm than good. 4. BODY Crime rates aren’t going to change based on the influx of immigrants migrating to the US. Immigration reducing crime rates Lower crime rates than natives (under the radar) Stats on crime rates for immigrants (with and without legal status) (Somin) Stats on native crime rates (Somin) Terrorism Main culprits are natives Stats on terrorists with different visas (Stein and Van Dam) Immigrants do have some negative effects Quotes from restrictionists (CNN Trump immigration meeting) Keyhole solutions Crime rates are not what we need to be concerned about when it comes to immigration. We need to look at ourselves before blaming others. 5. CONCLUSION Trumps slow rewriting of immigration policies are absolutely intolerant and unneeded. The policy is biased to certain races, the economic costs are detrimental, and crime rates will not change based on the influx of immigrants. Few things make President Trump more pleased than being able to say he fixed a problem no one else could — even if it’s because the problem didn’t exist until he created it. Immigrants and American citizens are not locked in a struggle where one group can only “win” if the other “loses.” Cutting back on deportations and immigration restrictions can help both groups win together.

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