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Title: “Individual Report/Typology” – A critical comparison via use of a Typology of three small-medium sized Community Service Organisations (CSOs) Length: 1200 words (+/- 10%) Student’s Conditions: Compare and contrast the Board (‘governance’) and/or Management (‘approach’) of any three (3) already existing Community Service Organisations (small-medium in size) of your choice (within the Typology). Essential Elements: a) Within the Typology the student is required to compile data that assesses what knowledge/gaps can be located/not located about these organisations. The Typology is to be no more than @500 words. b) The use of a “typology” (or grid) as a clear and concise visual summary of 3-5 characteristics which allows for compare/contrast between the differences and similarities in the Board (‘governance’) and/or Management (‘approach) of each organisation. The number of aspects must not exceed 5 so as to avoid overly complex and unwieldy analyses. c) A critical discussion of the material summarised in the typology/grid (via reference to essential literature and other appropriate resources), as well as; d) A discussion of how each organisation seeks to demonstrate their “effectiveness” in each of the supplied characteristics (via reference to the essential literature and other appropriate resources). Breakdown: Allow @500 words for the Typology and @700 words for the ‘Critical Discussion’ component. References: A minimum of four and a maximum of six academic sources must be used. Essential is use of the Key Unit text (Hudson). Please see the readings list located within this L.G. and check vUWS for related readings. Word Count Inclusion: Not included in the word count is: a) in-text references; b) the Reference List; c) Short Headings; d) Points listed for comparison (this information relates to the name of the characteristic/s provided in the first column only)

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