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Understanding Approaches to Methodology:  A doctoral candidate may choose between four basic research approaches for the Doctoral Project, a Theoretical Study, a Qualitative methodology, or a Quantitative methodology and a Mixed Methods approach. While each research approach utilizes its own distinctive methodology and organization for gathering, analyzing, and reporting findings, specific guidelines apply to all three methodologies.

Submit paper describing the various Research Methods. Paper should be 2 to 3 pages in length

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Write the Research Method: Provide a statement of why qualitative is the best research method to interview psychologists surrounding their thoughts on personal social media pages. Include a discussion of why qualitative was the appropriate method.  Describe why the other methods are not appropriate. Use at least two peer-reviewed sources from research articles to ground your discussion. In the next paragraph, discuss how the research design, phenomenological is the appropriate research design for the study.

Submit paper for presentation of Research Method. Paper should be 1 to 2 pages in length.

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