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 -Watch the film entitled Crash (2004, Director Paul Haggis) -Make sure to pay attention to how perspectives change throughout the movie. -Enjoy watching! -Answer the following questions: We have talked a lot about the difference between social identity and personal identity. When inflexible/mindless stereotypes lead to prejudice, discrimination, and extremist actions, what happens is that the individual identity is stripped and the group identity is used to vilify. Deep seated prejudices can often only be changed by taking the time to seek out the individual identity of another. 1. Please reference and understand the DMIS Which different stages of the DMIS do we see in the movie? Explain 3 of the stages and for each one give an example from the movie which pertains to that stage. 2. What examples of a change in perspective did you see in the movie? Find and explain 3 examples of a character’s positive change in perspective towards ethnorelativism. Make sure to describe how they changed. The textbooks of the class is : Understanding Intercultural Communication by Stella Ting-Toomey and Leeva C. Chung.

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