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Following the example of Canada, the United States will legalize marijuana for recreational use in the next five years. Academic Level : Bachelor Paper details Criteria for the paper: 1: Must address one of the paper topics. 2: Must use at least one reference from the list provided. 3: Must be well organized with a clearly stated thesis and written as a narrative. See below for further information. 4: Must avoid mechanical writing errors. 5: Paper must be three pages in length, double spaced and have page numbers (no page number on title page). 6: Paper must be in Times Roman 12 point font. 7: Paper must have a title page. (This page should have only the title, student’s name, and number of the course.) DO NOT PUT YOUR NAME OR ANY OTHER INDENTFYING INFORMATION IN THE REST OF YOUR PAPER. 8: Paper must use the correct required reference style both in the text and in the works cited page. (MLA or APA style preferred.) See below for further information. Important guidelines for paper (Failure to follow will result in a failing grade.) 1: Paper must have a clearly stated thesis. That is, what is your paper about? What question are you trying to answer? What is your position on that question? (You must take a position on the question.) What evidence supports that position?* You must argue for or against the question. You cannot answer the question by making up another question you would prefer to answer. *By evidence we mean data and facts from reputable sources, statements by authorities in the area you are discussing and direct quotes from political leaders and other experts. 2: Paper must be written in a narrative form. That is, no bullet points, lists or numbered sections. 3: For this paper you must use at least ONE reference from an article or published piece from the online or print version of at least ONE of the following publications: The Economist The New York Times The Wall Street Journal The New Republic The Washington Post Commentary The Nation The American Prospect Foreign Affairs The National Review Foreign Policy Harpers The American Spectator The Atlantic The Washington Monthly Note: references must be from an edition published AFTER September 1, 2018 Note: Just because you can’t find it online doesn’t mean you can’t get it! Note: You may use other sources in addition to using one from the above list. Failure to follow this requirement will result in the automatic loss of 10-20 points from your final grade. 4: Paper must use a proper citation style. The recommended styles are either MLA or APA. You can find guidelines and reference and bibliography makers for this style on the web.

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