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****** PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE’S 2 DISCUSSION TOPICS IN THIS ORDER IT SHOULD BE 1 PAGE IN LENGTH EACH ****** Discussion Post (1 pg): needs to be substantive, please do not be bias. This means that responses such as “I agree” or “great post”; do not meet requirements. Discussion must be an answer to the topics, not a comment. Must also include a minimum of three peer-reviewed citations. Citations must include outside sources and no more than one citation from assigned course readings may be used each week. APA in-text citation and list of references no older than 3 years. At least 200 words. This does not include repeating the questions or the citations and references. –Please note if writing about nursing in any country it should only be related to the U.S. Support your discussion with evidence-based research MN605 Topic 1: Utilizing Evidence Practice Guidelines One of the ways that the NP can manage risk of being successfully sued for malpractice or negligence is by utilizing evidence practice guidelines. Explain how these guidelines affect the “standard of care” and discuss with your classmates how utilizing this guideline can be a major strategy to significantly reduce risk to the provider. MN610 Topic 2: Chronic disease management Discuss an acute case scenario that you observed in the clinical setting recently for the adult population ranging 35–65-year old. Discuss how this case can develop into chronic disease management? What was the evidence that supported the intended outcomes for this patient scenario?

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