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Instructions: Prepare a scientific report on a process of your choice. The report should include an introduction to the process, description of the process, and application of the process in water treatment. The report should confirm to the following requirements: 1. The report must be written using Microsoft office or other word processing software packages. 2. The report should be minimum of one page and maximum of two pages (excluding cover page and references), single spaced, and 12 point font size (times or times new roman). The margins setting should not exceed 1” for top, bottom, left, and right. 3. Tables, figures, or other visual supplements could be included in the report; however, the total number should not exceed one. The size of tables, figures, and visual supplements should not exceed ¼ of a page.

4. Provide references used. Information from Wikipedia cannot be used in the report. Grading: The report will be evaluated on the basis of technical quality, accuracy of information, readability, and conformity to formatting and page requirements. The report will be graded out of 100% and the breakdown is as follows: 1. Report format (page, line spacing, font size and type, margins, etc.) – 10% 2. Technical quality, readability, and organization of the report – 30% 3. Accuracy of information contained in the report – 30% 4. Originality of the report – 30%

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