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Weight Discrimination: A New Type of Corporate Downsizing? During the late 1980’s and early 1990’s most of us were aware that many firms were “getting leaner and meaner” national, and global rivals. Today, however, the terms “leaner and meaner” and even “downsizing” are taking on entirely new meanings, as more and more overweight executivelevel applicants are experiencing rejection because they don’t fit the “trim and slim” mold that some firms prefer. In fact, even the most casual of observers will notice that top managers who are overweight, out of shape, or sluggish, by today’s corporate standards, tend to be the exception, not the rule. For those overweight applicants hoping to someday secure a management position, some experts contend that their chances of being rejected simply because they don’t “look the part” are pretty strong. Findings from a study conducted by the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance (NAAFA) ( ) indicate that only 9% of top male executives are overweight. In addition, overweight people typically are hired for less prestigious positions and generally receive less pay. Although some executive recruiters don’t believe that a person’s weight plays a part in career advancement, many other experts believe otherwise. Using the resources found at NAAFA, the NY Times Pay Discrimination article and through your own research, answer the following questions: 1.What evidence do you find of federal or state of Georgia legislation regarding weight discrimination? Under what conditions are overweight employees protected against size-related discrimination? 2.According to your research, why do companies have a hard time hiring overweight candidates? 3.What evidence do you find of disparity between overweight employees’ compensation and treatment as compared to their thinner counterparts? To what extent is there bias along gender lines? 4.What strategies do you find in your research, as well as what you would suggest, to help overweight employees secure employment with other firms? 5.Identify one popular figure (politician, celebrity, media personality, etc.) that has been targeted for being over-sized. Discuss the key points of their story and how they have

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