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Same as the others this should not be more than 1000 words, and if it’s closer to 500, it needs to be very tightly written to make sure the assignment is done completely.

Depending on who you choose, you may need to go to outside sources to complete the assignment. If you do, make sure to include a works cited page. And again, if you’re using class material, you just need to make a reference to the page or slide number in the paper.

Choose one of the persons discussed in chapter 18

Give a short biographical account of the person

What was your person’s beliefs (negative or positive) about Christianity?

What was the church’s response to this person?

What was the impact of the person’s work? Is there evidence that it continues today?

Pick two of the person’s beliefs. What argument do you make about those beliefs (negative or positive)? (This last question should not make up more than 100 words of your paper – 150 is fine only if you’re closer to 100 words for this assignment.)

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