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Write a 500-750 word paper reflecting upon your professional  developmental progress as a result of this course. Consider including  the following:

  1. How have your beliefs changed during the practicum? What    counseling approaches studied during your coursework at GCU now seem    more or less relevant and applicable as a result of the direct    client contact you had at your practicum site? You may cite sources    from your Counseling Theories courses or other classes.
  2. What are some additional areas in your professional development    that you may want to obtain?
  3. How have your professional    abilities been enhanced at this point in your program?
  4. How    motivated are you to seek out more information on topics discussed    in this course?
  5. Identify your five greatest accomplishments    from the practicum. Why are these accomplishments your  greatest?
  6. What contributed to your success?
  7. Assess    your performance across each professional skill contained in your    weekly Typhon Hour Logs.
  8. What are the total number of    direct practice and nondirect hours you have achieved in this  course?
  9. What are your next steps for licensure once your    practicum is completed?
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