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The project title is: smoking prevention campaign in secondary schools What is your rational for choosing this topic/project. You should include the following components in the assignment i.e Context, background and justification 1a. Produce a written report proposing a commissioning project or practice innovation to support behaviour change through therapeutic interventions: Comprehensive and coherent proposal for a commissioning project / practice innovation well-presented in a report format, 300 words in the following headings: Outline of the project including aim or aims, How does the proposal/project link to Public Health Outcomes, Indication of how other professionals and stakeholders, including providers, will be involved in the development of the project where applicable, Outline any strategies for evaluating the project 1b. Analyse the impact (i.e your chosen topic) of critical life events on individuals and the wider community, considering wider populations needs and partnership working and also, critically analyse the political ,social , economic and cultural factors which influence public health within individuals , families and communities and international resonance Critically evaluate the context and background of the project/proposal or practice innovation. Include the influence of political, social, economic and cultural factors on public health and where appropriate local, national and international perspectives of public health: excellently explore the background and context for your project/proposal, with reference to the literature and where appropriate include the political, social, economic and cultural influences for your project. It is important to consider local, national and international perspectives, where applicable. You could include examples of similar projects which have been identified as successful in the literature. 1c. Critically debate and apply a range of therapeutic interventions that can be used to motivate behaviour change required for prevention, curative, wellness and recovery Critically discuss a range of alternative strategies and interventions in relation to the chosen project: (these may already exist) i.e Comprehensive/excellent exploration of a range of alternative strategies and interventions in relation to the chosen project/proposal. 1d. Critically consider the benefits and risks and include relevant discussion of ethical issues which may be significant in your project/proposal. (identify and evaluate the benefits of your chosen project for commissioning/practice innovation, examine the strengths and weaknesses of the proposal including limitations) utilize a range of appropriate public health literature throughout to support the proposal/project and the discussion. Ensure theory is linked to practice in this discussion and analysis to demonstrate the evidence base for your proposed service. Include its’ relevance to individuals, families and communities in this section: (Excellent/comprehensive critical discussion and analysis regarding the benefits and risks and ethical issues of the project/proposal). This assignment is in the form of a 2300 word +/-10%. It should have: Introduction, main body & conclusion. Your work must be word processed and printed in black ink. Arial/Times New Roman Size 12 font. Single-space the text. Pages should be numbered. Word limit, 2300 +-. Referencing, APA style, employ robust references.

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