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You have completed your assessment of the employee and have the required information about the employee. You also have the information about three other predictors you reported in M4 Assignment 1. You have also administered a risk assessment instrument, and the employee has been classified to be at moderate risk for assaultive behavior in the next five years.

On the basis of the results of your investigation, in a mock report format based on the module readings and vignette data for the assignment tasks of the previous modules, create a 10- to 12-page report addressing the following:


The results of the interview with the employee (a description of your mock interaction with and the mental status examination of the employee)

A specific review of the employee’s predictors of violence factors

An analysis of the validity and reliability of risk assessment instruments for making predictions of violence appropriate for the employee’s assessment

The mock conclusions you arrived at about the employee’s potential for showing violence, while explaining reasons for such conclusions

Some cautionary statements about the tenuousness of your conclusions, given the low base rate of violence in the employee

 In addition, in your report, identify at least one potential victim of the employee. Make a recommendation for action by the company to protect that victim. Prepare your findings and recommendations in such a way that the employee cannot effectively sue the company for slander. An axiom of law is that negative statements do not constitute slander if they can be supported. Your job is to write the report in such a way (with supportable conclusions) that the company can establish that its actions were prudent. 

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