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Make an initial post (100 word minimum)  to EACH of the four discussion topics within the first two weeks of the beginning of the course.

You are required to make at least three reflective posts (100 word minimum) to the comments of other students.

You must begin by first stating “I believe your main (basic)point was”.  You may then proceed to discuss your viewpoint and advance or clarify you contribution to the discussion topic.

I learned so much from this. I never have seen a study such as this, especially one with such immediate effects on its controlled groups. Afterwards I started wondering about todays effects on minorities, specifically hispanics in America In the past four years. I’ve learned that the way society can harm youth by implementing these discriminations at such a young age, as well as how moldable  as individuals we are. Each time this study was tested out, The inferior groups self-esteem dropped. Along with this, so did their test scores. Each superior group had individuals who were effected by the study, in which they were participating and agreeing with Mrs. Elliot on how the other group is inferior. Especially in the study with the Third graders. As one of the third graders grew up to then state “I was best friends with someone one day, the next they were my enemy.” One individual stated in the Iowa study, “I didn’t speak up for the other group, because then I would’ve been attacked.” This just shows how morals disappear through fear. Unfortunately in our society there are still individuals who pick sides based on fear of being attacked. This fuels the problem even further as individuals as humans are more likely to pick the winning sides. I learned that some people wake up feeling discriminated against daily. In today’s society I feel that hispanics will feel this way. The irony in this today is that part of Trump’s wall separating Mexico and America had fallen due to strong winds. My social media is blowing up with controversial statements of the topic. After watching this video, I cannot see how one could agree with this division of The American and The Mexican borders. Especially after witnessing the effects through this study.

As a young white southern female I have too felt discrimination. In my experience I have felt it through my gender. As a woman can be seen as incompetent compared to males. Ive been condescended while working at IKEA by a caucasian male. He started a week or so after me, and while closing the store one night alone with him he stated, “I don’t know how you got this job.” He didn’t specify why and my faint heart didn’t want to know. Our only difference was through gender, age, and that I was full-time and he part-time. He eventually was promoted despite his many offenses towards many other female employees. After dealing with his other condescending remarks I eventually spoke up about it, along with many other issues to an anonymous line IKEA calls Ispeak. Soon after my whole phone report was played aloud in a meeting. I didn’t know about this until many months later. After I eventually quit He even spoke to one of my friends “I hope it wasn’t because of me.” Unfortunately, around the time frame of this meeting, I was trying to get promoted. Through many attempts I was told I didn’t receive positions due to lack of knowledge. In reaction to that, I then paid and took classes just to learn the program, AutoCAD. Before quitting, I was even asked if I could do a presentation on AutoCAD to teach my coworkers the program. Although I was the lowest paid in my department. If I only knew then what I know now.


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